This whole thing started in 1994 when I saw an amazing percussionist play some shakers in a concert in San Francisco. My sister dragged me down to see "Special EFX", a fantastic World Music band visiting from New York.  She had become friends with the two founders, George Jinda, one of New Yorks most gifted percussionists and Chieli Minucci, a top jazz guitarist.

He inspired me to play shakers and so off I went and designed my own, taking about a year or so to learn how to play them. Sadly, George passed away a few years ago, but I was fortunate to become friends with him and receive his blessings and admiration once he saw my custom shakers which I call "Shakka Shakerz". Funny how one person can change someones life! I still stay in touch with Chieli and hope to reconnect with him when he comes out west from NY...

Meanwhile, I've build THOUSANDS of Shakka Shakerz and many of them have made it into the hands of some of the worlds top percussionists as well as musicians from around the world.  They are on many popular albums and TV shows and movies, making me one proud daddy.  Besides Shakka Shakers, I've been offering a LOTS of gear. TOO much to keep track of sometimes! haha... But seriously, over a hundred or even two hundred products!

Feel free to ask for a catalog or links to some of the companies that I rep!

And if your interested, I teach workshops in how to play "tube shaped" shakers as well as hand drums, other percussion instruments and can host drum circles, create a drum party for you, or help you tune your drum!

I've been doing all of this for many years. Contact me for more info!